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F1869's Grandfather
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08-06-2013, 11:08 AM #1
CCR Concrete Moisture Coach ***
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Here's a moisture test perhaps some of you have heard of. Found this one in a current carpet spec. Interesting...perhaps the grandfather of ASTM F1869??

1. Drive a concrete nail 1/2" into the floor. Then remove the nail
2. Place a small amount of anhydrous calcium chloride or calcium sulfate crystals over the hole.
3. Cover the crystals and the hole with a piece of flat glass and seal the edges with waterproof tape or putty. Since concrete pourings vary, repeat the test every 1500 sf.
4. Leave in place 72 hours. Any color change in the crystals indicates the presence of moisture. Do not apply carpet until the slab is free of moisture and meets the approval of the carpet adhesive manufacturer.

Still can't believe I read this in a 2013 Div. 9 specificationHuh

JK Nixon
Concrete Restoration Services, LLC
Pittsburgh, PA

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