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Moisture Testing Awareness raised Down Under... Horror abounds...
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05-06-2013, 07:44 PM #1
Rubensgt40 Concrete Moisture Coach ***
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I attended Australia's first course on Moisture Testing and Inspection run as a part module by our largest training organisation here, sponsored by a couple of flooring groups whom shall henceforth remain nameless.

It focused mainly on generic flooring inspection issues, which I found quite useful and it was highly informative. The instructors were well informed and resourced. However, the practical side of the testing was brushed over more briefly.

What was interesting was the reactions of the attendees- mainly contractors and flooring shop owners. Some of the finer details of the procedures, particularly F2170, and liability implications of not following them were greeted with responses that ranged from steely resolve to abject horror.

Hopefully I don't sound too smug, just because I was one of only two ICRI-certified players in the room (not to mention my invaluable schooling from you fine people here on this forum).

But as you struggle with some of the joys of moisture-testing and the lack of awareness you come across in your neck of the woods, remember, you're still way ahead of us Antipodeans !

In fact...there may be a spot open for some skills training if anyone's interested... (self-funded of course, although I can subsidise with accommodation and beer).

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