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Packers lost to the Vikings / Peterson misses by 9
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12-30-2012, 06:55 PM #1
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Sadly my Packers were defeated by the Vi-Queens. Rodgers keeps getting sacked and beaten back there. Tough guy that Rodgers is... And hey, Crosby actually made the brown thing go through the upright yellow things! TWICE! So he's like 3 for ten now... He misses more than the weatherman predictions ! He's gotta be worried for his job.

And Peterson didn't break the all time yardage record held for almost 30 years. He was so close, only 9 yards off. I almost wish the game went into overtime just to see him make it. He's a heck of a runner.... Then a woman reporter asked him right after the game "How does it feel to miss the all-time offensive yardage record by only 9 yards?"

Well DUH! What a stupid question. How do you think it feels? It feels lousy lady! He should have said, " Gee I just watched my lifelong dream, everything a player could hope to achieve, my name in the books as the best, money, endorsements, everything just go down the drain, I feel just great lady! I feel fabulous! Just another day! Now I'm gonna go chew on this gun barrel over here....have a nice day!"

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01-17-2013, 06:37 PM #2
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Well they lost even worse last weekend. Didn't they get shown off by the 49ers first game of the season? What a way to bookend a football year.

Disappointed. Don't know who to root for now. Maybe the Ravens.

Don't worry, our journos here ask stupid questions too. Can't they come up with a new line than "how does it feel...?". Since you have Affirmative Action now, women journalists should get punched in the face just like the men ones.

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