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Adhesive Warranty
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11-19-2012, 11:19 AM #2
eaadams Concrete Moisture Expert *****
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Two things:

1) "All surfaces to be treated must have a concrete surface profile of CSP 2-3"
- This is key. To create a CSP 2-3 you are spending some bucks on concrete prep. This is probably the best way for them to get out of any claim. Assume a CSP 3 will be required on complaint and that is really only achievable by light shot blasting. (ICRI Guideline No 310.2-1997)
2) It does reference ASTM 2179. You have to worry about anyone who promotes a product for moisture and doesn't reference correct ASTM numbers. I've met the guys from Bostic and they know their stuff; so, I think this is just a Typo because they use ASTM E2179 for sound insulation.
3) There is inconsistency in their use of Moisture Vapor "Retarder" and Moisture Vapor "Membrane". Manufacturers get in BIG trouble with this. They are different things. Usually lost in European to English translation. But when the attorneys get involved, that little inconsistency, that one little word, will be the source of LOTS of heartache for all involved. If I were using this product I would heavily qualify all my work as it using a "retarder" and not use the word membrane. Moisture Retarder Vapor Barrier vs Vapor Retarder [note there is no Vapor Membrane ASTM out there]http://www.stegoindustries.com/faqs/what_is_the_difference_between_a_vapor_barrier_and_a_vapor_retarder.html

Also I see no reference for PH, but perhaps that isn't needed for glue down wood floors.

Finally read the warranty. Only covers the Bostic. Not the flooring or labor of replacement. [/align]

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