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Ah yes I just edited my previous on the U.P thing.

I asked two Indianans why Hoosier and they didn't know. Maybe they didn't wanna know...

Ah well, if y'all ever come Down Under I guarantee you'll need subtitles. We pride ourselves on sounding as incoherent as possible, especially for visitors.

- 'Scarn mayd- orr-ride? (How do you fare? Are you well?)
- Yeah orr-ride. Carn k'plane. (I am fair, thanks for asking. I cannot protest my current disposition)
- yoo garn tha f'wdy? (will you be attending the much anticipated game of Australian Rules this coming weekend?)
- Nah, bluddy missus maken me mah tha looorns. (Unfortunately not, as my good wife has requested that I do something about our long and hazardous grass problem, which is totally fair, of course)
- Fair dinkum? Strooth. (Is that so? My word...)

The problem with socialism is that you soon run out of other people's money.
- Margaret Thatcher

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