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Another Great Ray Thompson Article
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10-08-2012, 10:32 AM #1
eaadams Concrete Moisture Expert *****
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Great article!! That is going in the sales folder of Articles / Info. I would add that along with concrete moisture process a heat weld issue can be exasperated over time by concrete moisture situations. It is often a heads up to a possible future issue but can also be a misnomer for just bad welds (for all the reasons in the article).

10-13-2012, 08:45 PM #2
CC Solutions Concrete Moisture Evangelist *******
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Yes, good tips Ray!

I see a lot of crowding and skiving issues. Some of the younger installers think they can hand hold a heat gun and do as well as the guys using those trolley things... Then they bounce around and try to say it really doesn't matter.... Dodgy

JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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