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We need a short sensor that can be set using the insertion tool. After the sensor is set then you could add sleeves. I have always needed to lightly tap the insertion tool with a small mallet to get the sensor to the bottom of the hole. Today I was using a 3/4 in drill bit that had only drilled about 10 holes so it was not worn out. I could not get any of the seven tests I set lower than the rim on the probe itself. If you try to tap the sensor in it breaks. Could the sleeves be causing the barrel of the sensor to expand?

What ever the problem the system is unusable in this format. Like I said above what we need is a short sensor that is inserted with the insertion tool and tough enough to withstand a few light taps. Sleeves could be added after the sensor is set.

I have about 90 of these 4.0 sensors left and from what I saw today they are nearly worthless.

Feel free to delete this post if you want to. I just wanted Wager to understand that this new system is not up to Wagner standards.


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