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99 % RH
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And let me add this:

In a court of law, the owner will forget he authorized you to install on a wet slab, tell the judge he has no idea what 99% means, and he is not a flooring expert.

The judge will consider you the expert and tell you that you knew there was a good chance the floor would fail and that's why you wanted a waiver, just so you could collect a check and leave the poor owner to deal with the problem at a later date. Sad

I've seen flooring guys, good guys, tossed under the bus when the job blows up.... And at that point the owner now realizes he needs a mitigation system so now he tries to get the installer to pay for it! Even if you have an iron clad case, a good attorney and expert witnesses can cost $100,000 quite easily. It's just not worth it.

I always explain the facts and let the owner make the decision. If his decision doesn't match my suggestion, he needs someone else to do the work.

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