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I talked but she didn't listen!!
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I have a sister in Florida that built a house two years ago. She is shopping for wood flooring for her home and my dad told her she should ask my opinion before she does anything.

She called me and described the floor colors and textures and warranties, and how the installer had his own guys and never subbed work out....

I of course explained my concern that she has her slab properly tested for moisture before she has a wood floor installed.

She said they install floors all the time in houses like hers and they are beautiful and easy to clean and blah blah blah.

I said I'd ask for Wagner Rapid RH testing. The three probes will cost less than 1% of the total price of the install and you will know the health of your concrete slab.

She said, "Oh yeah, they said they test the concrete first", then went back to rambling about the decision between a natural bamboo or a laminate floating floor.

I told her if they use a CaCl test, the new ASTM requires grinding the slab, waiting 24 hours, installing the kit and then waiting 72 hours to weigh the test. Don't let them just slap a kit down, and really you should demand a Rapid RH test!

She said if she signs today, they can have the floor installed Monday. She just wasn't sure if the bamboo was worth the extra $2300.

It was obvious she wasn't hearing what I was saying. And in my mind, I had been bringing up the most important aspect of flooring on concrete. I believe the mental block is that if her floor doesn't pass the test I want her to do, she will either have to give up on getting a new floor, or it will cost her more money to install it.

I explained to her that if her floor were to fail down the road, she will probably face an installer that will tell her the concrete tested okay when he installed it, so something must have changed.

She said it must be fine because the carpet has been down for years and there's no trouble with that.

I told her that yes the carpet will allow the slab to dry, but what if they didn't put down a vapor retarder or what if there's a blotter layer or what if the retarder is full of holes? A Rapid RH has a good chance of picking up those clues.

She asked if I'm putting a laminate in my new addition, or staying with solid wood...

I wasn't getting through at all. I gave up. I asked her to call after the installer did his testing. I will keep you posted on what testing is done before this guy does the job and walks off with her money.

JD Grafton
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