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I am a general contractor who is trying to get the Terrazzo floor going on a new construction project. My concrete slabs (including moisture barrier) have been down for 11 months. The building has been sealed up and HVAC system going for three months.

My subcontractor has been taking moisture readings using his Rapid RH and getting readings consistently in the 95 - 99% range for three months without change. Because of these high readings he is demanding a $40,000 change order for moisture barrier. I watched the sub take his last set of readings and he stuck the probe in the hole and got a result in about 15 seconds. This seems contradictory to the ASTM acclimation of the probe statement.

So I had a testing company come out and take readings with their Delmhorst equipment. Readings came in at 67% and 77%. I reviewed the testing procedures with the tech and observed his procedures. I can find no fault with his work.

The sub of course does not agree and states the testing company did their tests wrong.

So now I have the sub conducting new tests in new locations and I am going to have the testing company observe.

Can anyone offer any advice as to what I should be looking for?

From what I have read most mistakes in testing procedures lead to high readings, is this correct?

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