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Ardex promotes the Wagner Rapid RH probe!
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I made a pilgrimage to Ardex in Alliquippa, PA to check on the guys working in the plant and to verify they are still putting 50lbs in a 50lb bag. Wink

If you have never been to an Ardex plant (there are two in the states now) I can heartily recommend the experience. Ardex hires top shelf personnel, and trains them extensively. And the company sticks behind them, which is important so that what you are told in the field is what they will honor.

Anyway, I was sitting in a conference room with one of their new guys, Jeff, and was going through the moisture testing part of their training. Jeff pulled out his Wagner Rapid RH box and said, "We don't get paid to show these, and I have no affiliation with this company, but I like these probes".

Jeff then showed us how to use the probes (too briefly for my tastes, and I kept interjecting important tidbits of knowledge that would help these new recruits on the front lines i.e. Jeff would brush and vacuum the hole while I would triple and quadruple brush and vac, and I explained the reason we drill 40% or 20%, why we check for fluted decks and the concept of equilibration..... I've been working with these guys for 16 years.... they KNOW I'm going to jump in at these classes Big Grin ) anyway, I couldn't resist and had to ask Jeff if Ardex relied exclusively on RH testing for their slab moisture readings. Jeff said yes. Then I said I know Ardex prefers Wagner Rapid RH, but do they exclude other manufacturers? Unfortunately he said they do not at this time. As long as the test method follows the ASTM, Ardex will accept it.

While I was disappointed to hear that news, it did open the door for me to jump in again and explain the differences in probe design and the troubles inherent with sleeves and leapfrogging readers, along with calibration confirmation requirements. By the time I was done I think I had everyone convinced that for the low introductory price of a reader, and then the speed and accuracy of each probe, using anything but a Wagner would be ludicrous! Tongue

I made some believers, but really when I pitch Wagner I help myself and all of us working in this business. Accurate RH readings are vitally important, and the more Rapid RH testing we do and the more everyone see the Wagner and knows about it, the better off we all are. RH testing is seen as voodoo by some, and I have to believe it is because of poor testing equipment and unqualified and/or uncaring testers performing these tests. We are changing that with every Wagner we use.

JD Grafton
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