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USC Technologies Aridus / Has anyone any information?
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12-23-2011, 11:55 AM #3
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I sat with a USC scientist on Aridus @ World of Concrete. It is not cheap and I haven't yet gotten a GC to use it. I think it operates on the same principal to make dense concrete. They claim great advances in speeding up drying after it has been re-weted. I suspect it is similar to a lot of the new Lafarge AGILIA type admixtures.

I think it needs to be sold into specs and not to GC's. GC's don't have a reason to use such a product when they can just do a Change Order for moisture later on. Also doesn't work in low bid situations.

Here is the youtube: http://youtu.be/vMsz49YKivk

I'll e-mail the sales guy with this discussion link and see if he posts info. I have the sales sheets but they don't say much in detail.

e-mailed response:
The response about it being a densifying admixture like LaFarge and it drying in a few months could not be anything further from the truth. The cost is very competitive and any good topical mitigation system as well.

Aridus technology is a specific mix design that acts as a desiccant. The water is used and bound internally so the concrete reaches an internal 75% RH and 3#/1000sf/24hrs in 45 days or less. Those results are warranted. In addition we have had projects placed locally with people DPR, Turner, XL Contruction and JJ Albanse. We have also had work done in WA and TX.

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