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I learned something new today...
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11-03-2011, 06:50 AM #2
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Good information Evan!

I come from the GC background so that part is natural for me. You can easily seal just a strip where a trench footing is, or even squares where column pads are. I like to extend the seal an extra 6-12" beyond the deep pour. If you need an absorptive substrate for your adhesive you can put down 1/8" of cementitious underlayment and feather that out at the edges. When you glue your flooring down you will have to pay special attention to these areas because the glue will not dry as fast as the rest of the field.

Any thickened slabs should be shown on the foundation plan.

Now tell us... Did you put a probe in 5.6" deep in the thick slab? Wink

JD Grafton
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