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I admit it.... I'm a coffee snob!
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09-15-2011, 01:15 PM #4
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(09-15-2011, 09:10 AM)rapidrhrep Wrote:  JD, you aren't one of those people I get behind at Starbucks that takes 20 minutes to put a string of words together, in rapid sequence, and pretend its coffee are you! LOL Big Grin

Seriously, look at our Wagner Facebook page,


and see my recent trip to England for a tradeshow. One of the first pictures I took, the Starbucks directly across the street. I tried the coffee in the hotels, but they were all instant. I did not clasify myself a "coffee snob" until that trip.


Cool and awesome! When I do get on the payroll can I go on these trips with you? I'll bring one of my cameras that won't bend buildings as much as yours does... Looks like ol' Big Ben is about to fall down there!! Big Grin

(09-15-2011, 11:52 AM)eaadams Wrote:  After college, I was traveling in Spain with my girlfriend. We were traveling from Granada to Madrid switching schools. Finally at 11:30pm we find a room. We go to said room. Room next door has an orgy going on with six guys. It was valentines day, we go to bed but don't sleep all that well with the noises happening next door.

Valentine's day you say???? Me and five of my buddies were in Madrid on Valentine's day years ago. I remember it well because we picked up these cute girls at the pub and pretended we spoke with southern drawls, they just ate it up!!!! We had a WILD night (latex, inflatable sheep, whipped cream, and low voltage cattle prods.. The usual stuff) in the hotel except for some guy pounding on the wall next door crying about how loud we were.....

What year are you talking here???

JD Grafton
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