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Scissor Lift knocing off probe tops.
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When I used Tramex I'd have those long sleeves that stuck up from the floor. I would cut a 2x4 about 16" long and drill a 2" hole in the center of the board. Then I would place the 2x4 over the probe hole and shoot it into the concrete.

One of the last jobs I mitigated had 2x4's over the Wagner Rapid RH caps with a similar hole in the board, then the GC put another 2x4 on top of that and ran a screw into the corner of the top board to act as a hinge. The top block could be flipped open for reading and swung closed to keep things clean. Pretty slick set-up, but I'm not sure if it would affect the rate of emissions at the probe site.

One of Wagner's attributes is the completely buried sleeve that is not subject to damage. Saaaayyyy .... Eaadams.... You're not using anything but Wagner's are you?? Tongue

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