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Hysteresis and you:
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08-12-2011, 01:45 PM #3
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I just don't want to be airing dirty laundry or anything... My initial reaction was EEEEKKK!!! My Wagner's don't agree!!!!! All my integrity and trust has been destroyed like a sand castle in a rogue wave!!!

I immediately called Ed and we walked through what I was seeing and it all made such perfect sense. I'm so glad I didn't have a tag along superintendent jumping on initial readings and flying off the handle.

Kudos to Ed Wagner for being available when I needed him (he always is so helpful). It just amazes me to no end when I call Wagner Electronics and can speak to Ed Wagner himself, and then he takes the time and has genuine concern for his customers. The man knows his stuff and really is a leader in a field we truly need some bright minds leading in....

Is there any wonder why I espouse these probes as hard as I do? Thanks to all of you in there lighting up these pixels and helping us out there drilling holes!!! First round is on me tonight! See you at the campfire! Tongue

JD Grafton
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