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Walking through the park and reminiscing....
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08-08-2011, 02:47 PM #1
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Reminiscing. Even that is a 4 syllable word Jason....
Anyway I was browsing through some forum posts of old... Seems like when the forum first started maybe some posts were --- shall we say --- prompted?? Wink I mean, a brand new forum and some softball informative type posts by posters who only post once or twice then they're gone.... So I was intrigued by posters' names on the first ever page. What can I say, I'm bored today. Probably because I have a LOT of important work to do and this is how I avoid it.

Then I played around and looked at all the information on here, you can see when people joined and how many times they posted, seems like we have a few regulars, but a lot of people cruise through and get the answer they need then move on. It's great if we can help someone solve a problem! But I sure would like to get more people talking and more problems solved. If I had any friends I'd ask them to join...

One embarrassing thing I noticed is I often have the last post on a thread so my username shows up way too much as the last poster.... I do like chatting.... Chatty Cathy here... Maybe that's why over 1/3 of all posts are mine (insert shocked smilie here!!! ) And before you guys start picking on me you better look at how many posts you have, there's a couple of you not far behind!

So there you are. A basically worthless, off-topic post, that did nothing for you but it did get me one more post closer to 500!!!

(No animals were harmed in the creation of this post. No five syllable words were used either. Rats! )

JD Grafton
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