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My lucky day testing on a pan!
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08-04-2011, 07:34 AM #1
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About three weeks ago I had to test a slab poured in a pan and when I asked how thick the slab is the super told me it was 3" over the flutes and the project manager said it was 2" over the flutes. You just gotta love starting out like that!

I looked at the blueprints and planned out my locations for probes, making sure I got a couple within 3 feet of the exterior walls and then sprinkling the rest out evenly through the areas where moisture sensitive flooring would go. I put some near overhead stairwell openings because that's where water comes down from the floor above during construction and the slab gets rewetted often and it tends to be wetter there.

The stars were aligned for me that day because when I went to each location on the elevated slab where I wanted to put a probe, there was a 4" hole cored through the slab within a few feet of where I wanted my probe! I don't know if the plumber was putting floor drains everywhere or what was planned, but it made measuring the slab thickness and finding the deepest part of the flutes pretty darn easy!

For the record, the elevated slab varied between 3.5" and 5.5" thick. I was able to adjust the depth of my probes at each hole and really nail the 40% mark. Another great thing was the PM followed me around and asked why I was measuring each hole and I had the chance to explain quite a bit about Rh testing and proper techniques.

I returned 4 days later to harvest Rh readings and found out the PM had been busy investigating Rh testing and talking to other people in the industry about testing and even about me! Sad (How many times are our backgrounds looked into when we meet someone new? Probably more than we think! ) The bad news was this 4 month old slab was still between 94% and 98% Rh. The good news is the testing I did was accepted as factual immediately and I was hired on the spot to install an epoxy mitigation system! Big Grin

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Hey nice story!! Thanks for sharing it!!

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