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I had a request to install two different Rh probes.
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08-07-2011, 09:40 AM #13
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If I drive 30 minutes to do 6 tests, I will invest a total of 2 hours driving, 2 hours installing, 1 hour reading the probes after 72 hours, and 1 hour writing a report. I will have $200 in probe costs.
I will charge $70 each for 6 probes, or $420.
My profit is then $220 for 6 hours of my time, or $37 an hour.
If I can combine the trips with something else in that area, and get the probes installed without a lot of chit-chat, I can shave an hour or two off that timeline and come a lot closer to the $60 an hour I would like to make.

Okay so maybe I am too cheap on installing.... Sad

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