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I had a request to install two different Rh probes.
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08-05-2011, 02:48 PM #9
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You'll be stripped of your Guru status Mr. Potty Mouth... LMAO!!!
I can't even remember what you said. A lot of these forums have warning status indicators and tallies of infractions... Gotta keep you construction boys clean.

How much am I making per hour?..... Hmmm... Well right now I'm billing my guys at $60 an hour. Most jobs we bid, but if I am asked to do some extras, I just figure $60 an hour and then charge for machine time based on the tools we use.

Some weeks I make pretty good profit! Big Grin
Some weeks I lost my tail.... Sad
In the end I hope my wins outnumber my losses and every customer is ecstatic! (that's part of my job description you know)
I take the bad with the good, and if I screw up I pay for it just like I expect to get paid when I do things right.

But to figure Rh testing, I try to figure $60 an hour, I add some for the job report, and try to cover my travel expenses. My business is not installing Rh tests, my business is consulting on wet slabs and flooring failures and then installing moisture mitigation systems. If someone just wants testing done, they either know me well, or they soon will. Tongue

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