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I had a request to install two different Rh probes.
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I don't know why, but when a large flooring installer asked for Rh testing on a project, I was asked to use Tramex probes and Wagner Rapid Rh probes. Of course I obliged, it's in my job description! Tongue

Luckily for me I had some Tramex probes and checking calibration went well (when they go out of calibration they have to be replaced at $165 a pop! ) so I had probes to use. As my probes fall out of calibration I am not buying new ones!!! The problem with testing using Tramex is the TIME it takes!!! Sad You have to leave the probe in the hole at least an hour before you can read it. So testing 10 holes with 3 probes means the testing will take 4 hours minimum, then you have to watch for drift on the readout for 5 minutes, and I also try to plan my locations out because if the sun is shining in the room and it hits the aluminum Tramex probe, it will throw the reading way off. If I have to test in a sunny room, I set up a sun block and then monitor it so someone doesn't move it.

I quoted $60 to provide Rh testing using the Wagner's and $40 per hole for the Tramex, and the sub was shocked when I quoted follow up testing to be $5 for the Wagner and $30 for the Tramex (this includes drive time and reporting). This sub wanted to track the floor over several months and I explained the Wagner Rapid Rh I can easily read in a matter of seconds (in fact I sometimes leave a reader for the super to read them) whereas the Tramex I can only read 3 holes in 65 - 70 minutes using all three probes. Someone wanted both probes though, so the decision was still to install both.

Well to make a long story short (to late huh? Tongue ) the first readings I took with the Tramex matched the Wagners and the sub cancelled all further Tramex readings. Big Grin I liked that idea, no fighting with sun and no standing guard over three probes in different rooms running back and forth trying to protect them.

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