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concrete cost effectiveness
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10-07-2008, 10:09 AM #2
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(10-02-2008, 01:53 PM)WMiller Wrote:  I’ve been using handheld reusable relative humidity probes for the past year. How do I justify the cost of using the RapidRH probes?

This is Holly from Wagner, just thought I'd step in and answer this ....

Wagner Electronics is convinced that their patented design on the Rapid RH™ is the most cost effective product on the market for a couple of very important reasons. For one, it improves your ability to monitor the drying process of new and existing concrete, thus, saving you time. Everyone knows time is money! Anyone on your crew can use Rapid RH™ with minimal training. Just insert the compact Rapid RH™ Reader into a Smart Sensor Insert, press the ON button and get a reading that anyone (owner, architect, general contractor or floor installer) on the jobsite can view.

Ongoing investments for the Rapid RH™ are lower than other options. For example, with the other competitive methods, the procedures for verifying calibration (required by ASTM F2170-02 are time consuming, tedious and require using either a salt solution or a humidity chamber of some type. With the Rapid RH™ design, no re-calibration is needed on your part. The device comes calibrated and NIST certified. The alternatives for anyone using the other RH testing methods that utilize external, reusable probes is to have the probes recalibrated (expensive) or verified for calibration at the manufacturer or attempt to perform calibration verification (un-certified) on their own. Actual recalibrating by an end-user is a very poor option. Often, the only realistic option for an end-user of the competitive methods is just to purchase new, relatively expensive probes

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