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Data Logger
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When they insist I test when conditions aren't ASTM compliant, I go ahead and test anyway (reluctantly), but make sure I place emphasis on ambient site conditions, ASTM requirements, and include a disclaimer on potential changes in RH (never predicting % shifts) and how RH will "likely" change when space is operational, and possible risk to the installation over time. That's about all I can do to cover myself.

But what amazes me is that people don't take proper testing seriouslyHuh somehow thinking that even though the flooring manufacturers instruct everyone to conduct moisture testing they don't care if it's not done by the books. And who do you think is going to be the first to say, "Moisture failure?? Sorry Bud, you didn't adhere to ASTM testing specs, so no warranty for you!! Like I have said before...a dry substrate is every bit as much of the building envelope as the water proofing of walls and roofs. It ain't rocket science, and you still can't fix stupid! I think I need a bigger baseball bat for knocking sense into peopleBig Grin

JK Nixon
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