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Tracking the relative humidity (RH) of a concrete slab as it dries is a must. You have to know the RH; otherwise, you won’t know when the slab is ready to have the flooring installed. You only get the information you need about moisture below the slab’s surface by conducting an in-situ RH test. That’s where the excess moisture that can ruin your floor hides.

You don’t want to install the flooring if the slab’s RH is out of the target range. Also, it is important to document measurements in case questions arise later about the testing.

The time-consuming part is manually recording each test result for each RH sensor. You have to date it and make sure you’re connecting the right reading to the right sensor. You’re also double-checking to make sure you don’t make an error when you write it down. This all takes time you can use for better tasks. Yet, if you want to conduct the RH test properly and in compliance with ASTM F2170, which you should, you need to document a lot of data. This is especially true if you have multiple large jobs.

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Prior to installing the finished floor, always assess the moisture condition inside the concrete floor slab by collecting relative humidity data.

Fortunately, there’s an application that lets you speed up how you capture the RH test data you need to make flooring decisions and record it for your ASTM F2170 reports. Known as the DataMaster™ L6 mobile app, it is used in conjunction with the Rapid RH® L6 concrete moisture test system by Wagner Meters.

The app also keeps the data on file in case there’s a moisture-related flooring failure down the line. Perhaps you might have to take it on the chin so that you can—bottom line—protect ongoing relationships. But with the proper data tracking, you’re more likely to achieve a favorable outcome.

Improving your RH test data management by automating your data collection and storing it in digital format can have many other benefits. Not only will it significantly improve your record-keeping, but you’ll also speed up the data collection process. Plus, you won’t have to worry about manual record-keeping errors.

The DataMaster L6 mobile app gives you these benefits. It automates your RH test data collection and management. The app makes it fast and easy for you to collect and access thorough, accurate RH test data records for every project.

Collect a Comprehensive Set of RH Test Data – Fast

Every time you physically take a sensor reading, that information is stored in the sensor within the concrete. When it’s time to compile this data, the DataMaster L6 app lets you easily collect project metadata and Rapid RH L6 sensor readings. The app connects automatically to the sensor reader via Bluetooth®. Once connected, you have the ability to upload all of the stored sensor readings to the DataMaster L6 app on your mobile device. Each reading contains the RH and ambient conditions (air temperature and relative humidity) with the date and time of the reading.

You can also add other data points for each project in the app. You can enter the hole depth, water-to-cement ratio, and slab thickness. Plus, you can add images, and audio and text notes. With an automated data collection app, you build a complete data record quickly and easily. Less time on reporting gives you more productive time.

Data Integrity Makes Reporting Reliable

You need accurate data to make good decisions during the project. That’s only the first part of the story. The second part is being able to share the data and validate the data’s integrity. The streamlined delivery of data from each sensor to the DataMaster L6 app ensures the data is accurately recorded. The app also ensures data integrity since the sensor data can’t be modified.

Rapid RH L6 concrete moisture testing

RH testing gives you the most reliable way to test for moisture in concrete slabs.

You can create PDF reports in the app and send them to colleagues and stakeholders in real-time. If there’s a Bluetooth-enabled printer nearby, you can also print them out. By providing real-time reports, you’re building a data audit trail if something goes wrong. Once a project is complete, you don’t have to scramble to find the complete project documentation. You can always access it in the app and it will give you exactly the same data as the reports you created when the project was live.

A timeline consisting of a large volume of sensor readings is particularly helpful. Everyone can review the timeline together during the project and after. You can look for inflection points or anomalies that indicate something may have occurred. It won’t tell you what happened, but it can focus your investigation to a narrow timeframe. That post-disaster meeting goes very differently when you’re all looking at the same reports. At the very least, it shifts the tone of the meeting from combative to a collaborative investigation based on objective data.

Enjoy Fast, Simplified Documentation of ASTM F2170 Compliance

Documenting that you complied with ASTM F2170 is smart business that can limit your liability in case of a moisture-related flooring failure.

The DataMaster L6 app collects all the data you need to document compliance. Each Rapid RH L6 sensor comes factory calibrated. When the app connects to a sensor for the first time, it captures the sensor’s serial number and calibration verification. You can create the sensor map needed for the F2170 reports by clicking a button in the app. The app comes with a pre-built ASTM F2170 report. You can email it from the app or upload it to the F2170 reporting website.

Gain Time and Confidence

Digital data management and all its benefits are now here for concrete floor moisture testing. You can securely collect and store all of your concrete moisture data for a project in the DataMaster L6 app.

Speedy, automated data collection and management gives you back time. It gives you confidence in the data’s integrity and that the large store of test data is always available to you. Learn more about this award-winning app by Wagner Meters.

Previously published in Tomorrow’s Contract Floors magazine

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