Rapid RH® Training Course Certificate Offer

Jason Spangler discusses the Rapid RH® Training Course Certificate. This course educates the viewer on relative humidity testing for concrete slabs and specifically how to use the Rapid RH® appropriately.

Available Here

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Last updated on August 31st, 2021


  1. Ronci Stieferman says:

    do you offer moisture certification ? I have been using the Wagner moisture RH testing system for 10 years. I have been in the flooring industry as an installer and now project management. I need a certificate that will lend credential’s to my experience in the moisture reading .

    4 years ago while working for a Starnet dealer I was approved to educated people in the industry to deal with moisture issues and they would get college credits. I have since left that company but my certification stayed as property of the company.
    So if Wagner offers a certification I would like to see about getting certified.

    Thank You.
    Ronci Stieferman

    E-Mail @ roncistieferman@gmail.com

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