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Rogue River, OR (April 12, 2016) – Wagner Meters, the industry leader in moisture measurement in wood and concrete flooring, will be attending the National Wood Flooring Association’s 2016 Wood Flooring Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina, April 27-29.

Representatives from Wagner Meters will be on hand at booth #700, including flooring division manager and industry expert Jason Spangler with more than 17 years’ experience, to present educational materials, and answer questions about moisture testing and moisture flooring concerns.

Booth visitors also will have an opportunity to see demonstrations of three Wagner tools — one of which measures moisture in wood, with the other two measuring moisture conditions in concrete slabs. Each tool comes equipped with innovative technologies – the MMC220 Extended Range Wood Moisture Meter, the Rapid RH®4.0 EX Complete Starter Kit, and the WFP400 Professional Flooring Installer Package.

“We’re excited to be showcasing our line of moisture measurement tools for flooring professionals,” says Spangler. “They’ve all gone through rigorous field testing, and have proven to be highly accurate and easy-to-use.”

MMC220 Extended Range Wood Moisture Meter

Wagner’s best-selling meter for wood flooring, the MMC220 wood moisture meter is ideal for measuring wood moisture in all wood species – from rare tropical woods to the more common softwoods and hardwoods. Because the MMC220 is a pinless meter, it allows installers to quickly and accurately scan many board feet or pieces of wood flooring in seconds – without leaving unsightly holes in their expensive flooring.

Equipped with IntelliSense™ technology, the MMC220 measures moisture deeply IN the wood with little interference from surface moisture. With two-button controls, it’s also simple and easy-to-use with one hand.

As a testament to its highly touted accuracy and reliability, the MMC220 comes with an industry-leading 7-year warranty.

Rapid RH®4.0 EX Complete Starter Kit

The Rapid RH®4.0 EX, often referred to as “single use,” is not actually removed or discarded after taking a sensor reading. Once the 4.0 EX is placed in a hole, official, documentable results can be obtained by the end of the 72-hour equilibration period (per the ASTM F2170 standard), without any additional waiting. If future, additional readings of the same hole are necessary, no further equilibration is required because the sensor stays in the hole the entire time. This allows moisture conditions to be monitored, expeditiously, over an extended period of time.

The Rapid RH®4.0 EX provides installers the most accurate and lowest cost per test compared to calcium chloride (MVER) and other relative humidity (RH) testing methods. It’s also simple-to-use, easy to comply with the ASTM F2170 standard, and 10 times faster than some other common concrete tests.

The 4.0 EX Complete Starter Kit includes everything needed to test moisture in concrete, including the Rapid RH® Easy Reader with Touch-n-Sense technology and 5 Smart Sensors for RH testing.
It also contains several other tools, such as a vacuum attachment, wire brush, drill bit, insertion tool, and a foam-lined carrying case.

WFP400 Professional Flooring Installer Package

The WFP400 Professional Flooring Installer Package provides most everything flooring professionals need for accurate moisture testing on concrete or wood floors. It includes Wagner’s best-selling, non-damaging wood moisture meter, the MMC220, and the Rapid RH® Starter Kit.

The WFP400 package also comes equipped with an infrared (IR) thermometer, the TH-200 thermo-hygrometer, and the new Rapid RH® Bluetooth® Smart Reader with Touch-n-Sense technology and 5 Smart Sensors for RH testing. The Smart Reader can be paired with either the CalMaster or the just released DataMaster™ app.


Wagner Meters has more than 50 years’ experience in moisture measurement systems. Decades-long research has produced industry-leading patents that provide flooring professionals with the most innovative and up-to-date technologies.

Wagner Meters is dedicated to the success of all flooring contractors and installers by providing equipment that is cost-effective, time-saving, compliant with the ASTM F2170 standard, compliant with manufacturer requirements, and highly accurate.

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