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May 2018 Rapid RH® Newsletter – What if Your Concrete Won’t Dry?
April 2018 Rapid RH Newsletter – New! Wagner Smart Logger
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January 2018 Rapid RH Newsletter – Oh No! Too Much Moisture
November 2017 Rapid RH Newsletter – Breaking News! ASTM announces F2170 testing time moved from 72 to 24 hours!!
December 2017 – Rapid RH Newsletter – Big Change for RH Test Coming in 2018!
October 2017 – Rapid RH Newsletter – SDS Drill Bits Explained
With the Grain News – September 2017
September 2017 – Rapid RH Newsletter – How to Use the Rapid RH® EasyCare CalCheck
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June 2017 Rapid RH Newsletter – How to Get Concrete to Dry Faster
May 2017 Rapid RH Newsletter – Moisture-Damaged Floors: Big Problem, Easy Solution
April 2017 – Rapid RH Newsletter – Golden Ticket Giveaway!
March 2017 Rapid RH Newsletter – Datamaster and Smart Reader Demo
February 2017 Rapid RH Newsletter – How to Bring Value to Your Customers
January 2017 Rapid RH Newsletter – 5 On the Job Tips for Relative Humidity Testing
December 2016 Rapid RH Newsletter – How You Can Know the Future
November 2016 Rapid RH Newsletter – The Secret to Effective RH Measurement
October 2016 Rapid RH Newsletter – How Fast Does Concrete Dry?
September 2016 Rapid RH Newsletter – How to Prepare Coatings
August 2016 Rapid RH Newsletter – Replace Your Rapid RH® Smart Reader Batteries
July 2016 Rapid RH Newsletter – Easier Moisture Measurement
June 2016 Rapid RH Newsletter – Effective RH Measurement Using Self-Leveling Products
May 2016 Rapid RH Newsletter – DataMaster™ App and the Rapid RH® Smart Reader
April 2016 Rapid RH Newsletter – Rapid RH® and Sustainable Flooring Products
March 2016 Rapid RH Newsletter – Moisture at Work in Your Decorative Concrete
February 2016 Rapid RH Newsletter – Hot! DataMaster™ Now an Easy-to-Use Mobile App
January 2016 Rapid RH Newsletter – Relative Humidity Testing in Elevated Slabs
December 2015 Rapid RH Newsletter – Using the Rapid RH® Smart Reader
November 2015 Rapid RH Newsletter – RH vs. Vapor Emissions Rate
October 2015 Rapid RH Newsletter – How Fast Does Concrete Dry?
September 2015 Rapid RH Newsletter – Predict RH Readings Quickly and Easily
August 2015 Rapid RH Newsletter – 24 or 72 Hours? That Is the Question…
July 2015 Rapid RH Newsletter – Guidelines for Hitting the Sweet Spot
June 2015 Rapid RH Newsletter – Practical Moisture Testing
May 2015 Rapid RH Newsletter – Anatomy of Rapid RH® 5.0
April 2015 Rapid RH Newsletter – Celebrating 50 Years
March 2015 Rapid RH Newsletter – Single-use or Reusable?
February 2015 Rapid RH Newsletter – Surfaces 2015
January 2015 Rapid RH Newsletter – The New Rapid RH® 5.0
December 2014 Rapid RH Newsletter – Evolution of Moisture Measurement
November 2014 Rapid RH Newsletter – Lightweight Concrete
October 2014 Rapid RH Newsletter – The Effect of Moisture
September 2014 Rapid RH Newsletter – Decorative Concrete Tips
August 2014 Rapid RH Newsletter – Flooring Installation Necessities
July 2014 Rapid RH Newsletter – MVER and RH Moisture Test Results
June 2014 Rapid RH Newsletter – Save Time and Your Reputation on the Jobsite
May 2014 Rapid RH Newsletter – 5 On the Job Tips
December 2012 Rapid RH Newsletter – DataMaster™: Sneak Peek
November 2011 Rapid RH Newsletter -The Art & Science of Concrete
October 2012 Rapid RH Newsletter – Just the Facts Ma’am
September 2012 Rapid RH Newsletter – Silicates: Friend or Foe?
August 2012 Rapid RH Newsletter – Announcing the NEW Insertion Tool
July 2012 Rapid RH Newsletter – The New ASTM F2170 Standard
June 2012 Rapid RH Newsletter – Announcing the New Rapid RH 4.0 EX
May 2012 Rapid RH Newsletter – Sneak Peek of Rapid RH Data Master
April 2012 Rapid RH Newsletter – How to Calibrate Digital pH Meter
March 2012 Rapid RH Newsletter – pH Solutions Discussed
February 2012 Rapid RH Newsletter – New App Announced, RH Best Testing Practices Explained
January 2012 Rapid RH Newsletter – New Products to be Announced
December 2011 Rapid RH Newsletter – Moisture Mitigation in Slabs
November 2011 Rapid RH Newsletter – Vapor Barriers: Nuisance or Necessity?
October 2011 Rapid RH Newsletter -Go Big or Go Home
September 2011 Rapid RH Newsletter – Getting the Vapors: Understanding the Discussion about Vapor Barriers
July 2011 Rapid RH Newsletter – MFMA Announces Recognition of Relative Humidity (RH) Testing
June 2011 Rapid RH Newsletter – A Quick Course in Concrete and Moisture
May 2011 Rapid RH Newsletter – “Moisture Meters” vs. RH Probes

Press Release

Wagner Meters’ Smart Logger Is Your Unblinking Eye for Job Site Ambient Conditions — Even When You Are Away
ASTM F2170 Update Allows Official RH Test Results at Just 24 Hours
Study Shows Concrete RH Test Gives Reliable Results at 24 hours
Introducing the Rapid RH® 5.0
New Rapid RH® Packaging
Wagner Meters and Sitefotos Partner to Benefit Flooring Professionals
Wagner Meters Slashes Cost of DataMaster™ App for Limited Time
Wagner Meters to Give Away Free Rapid RH® Products
Award-Winning DataMaster™ Available for Android Devices
Wagner Meters to Attend 2016 NWFA Wood Flooring Expo
Expanded DataMaster™ Now an Easy-to-Use Mobile App
Award-Winning DataMaster Now Available as an iOS App
Wagner Meters to Attend The Int’l Surface Event (TISE) 2016
Estimate Future Service Condition RH Readings Quickly
Predict Relative Humidity in Concrete Quickly and Easily with Service Temperature Adjustment Table
Wagner Meters Webinar Offers Latest Concrete Moisture Info
Breakthrough Findings From Independent Study on Concrete Moisture Testing
Wagner Meters Offers Wood Flooring Installers a Free Customizable Customer Information Sheet
AIAspec.com Launches Free Concrete Moisture Course
Wagner Meters Offers Free Easy Reader Upgrade until June 1
New Changes to Rapid RH® 4.0 EX Packaging Helps Customers Stay in Regulatory Compliance
Wagner Meters to Introduce New Reusable RH Sensor at WOC
Wagner Meters Announces NEW Reusable Rapid RH® Sensor
EasyCare CalCheck and CalMaster from Wagner Meters
Disadvantages of Conventional Reusable RH Sensor Design Eliminated by the NEW Rapid RH® Reusable Smart Sensor
Wagner Meters to Attend NAFCD with New Flooring Professional Package
Wagner Meters to Attend Concrete Decor Show and Host Educational Seminar
Wagner Meters Releases DataMaster™ Firmware Update
Wagner Meters’ Flooring Division Brings New Offerings to FIANA 2014
Wagner Meters’ Flooring Division Attends The International Surface Event 2014
Hilti Concrete Drill Bit for Rapid RH® Smart Sensors
Wagner Meters Introduces Moisture Test Kit for Pro Flooring Installers
Wagner Meters Introduces WFP200 – Concrete Flooring Package: The Rapid RH® Starter Kit with Award-Winning DataMaster™
Wagner Meters to Attend World of Concrete 2014
Wagner Meters’ Webinar Continues to Educate Industry
Wagner Meters’ DataMaster™ Returns to World of Concrete
Wagner Meters’ Flooring Division to Attend Surfaces 2014
Wagner Meters’ Rapid RH® DataMaster™ in High Demand
Wagner Meters Rapid RH® Kit Survives Devastating Fire in Michigan
Breaking News! The Rapid RH® DataMaster Named Most Innovative Product (MIP) at the 2013 World of Concrete Show!
Wagner Meters’ DataMaster™ Receives Most Innovative Product Award for 2013
Wagner Meters Concrete Webinar Receives AIA Accreditation
Wagner Meters Announces New Flooring Division
Wagner Meters Draws a Crowd at Surfaces 2013
Wagner Meters’ Concrete Forum Passes 2 Million Page Views
Wagner Meters’ DataMaster™ Wins MIP Award at WOC 2013
Wagner Meters Offers Rapid RH® Training with Certificate of Completion
Positive Results for Wagner Meters at WOC 2013
Wagner to Sponsor Concrete Slab Luncheon and Forum at World of Concrete 2013
DataMaster™ Nominated for World of Concrete Show’s Most Innovative Products Award
Wagner Meters Adds New Infrared Thermometer to Rapid RH® Line-Up
Wagner Meters Offers New Species Tables for Bamboo
Wagner Meters New Insertion Tool Announced
The new Rapid RH® 4.0 EX stays in step with the latest changes to industry concrete moisture testing standards.
Rapid RH® Now Offers Portable Digital pH Meter
Wagner Meters Launches Free RHSpec App for iPhone/iPod/iPad
Wagner Meters Launches New Free Android RHSpec App
RHSpec.com Assembles Direct-Link Resource for Manufacturer Specs
Wagner Meters Introduces New Pen Style Thermo Hygrometer
MFMA Turns to RH Concrete Moisture Testing as New Standard
Vote for the Rapid RH® 4.0! Nominated for World of Concrete’s Most Innovative Product
Calcium Chloride Disallowed for Testing of Lightweight Concrete
Wagner Meters Introduces the New Rapid RH 4.0 Concrete Test
Wagner Electronics Teams with INSTALL Philadelphia for Training
Wagner Electronics Introduces The New Rapid RH® 4.0 Easy Reader
Wagner Electronics Introduces Wireless Technology for the Rapid RH®
Measuring Moisture in Concrete Webinar
Measuring RH at Correct Depth is Critical
Now Available: Wagner’s Concrete pH Test Kit
Available: Howard Kanare™s 2nd Edition of Concrete Floors and Moisture
Concrete Moisture Tests – A Major Change
Wagner/NWFA Moisture Meter Program
Ardex Engineered Cements and Wagner Electronics Team Up
The Next Generation in Relative Humidity Testing for Concrete in Floors
The Introduction of the RAPID RH Moisture Test for Concrete Floors