Flooring Contractor Tips for No Callbacks

Jason’s top three tips to prevent callbacks:

1: Get involved early
2: Understand product moisture tolerances
3: Do accurate moisture testing

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  1. Linda Dwyer says:

    Hello, My Huntington Beach, CA home is 44 years old, for 6 yrs I have had a moisture problem in a dining room which has ruined two engineered wood floors, one being sealed with Bostick (about 15 yrs ago) and the 2nd one being laid with a two-in-one, Tight Bond (about 2 yrs ago). Two holes (kitchen and dining area) have been jackhammered to expose the soil which is dry, below the visqueen, which is intact. By doing the RH test, will that determine what sealer I need to use on the concrete? I hope to put down a vinyl floor and work with the issue. Can you recommend a sealer?

    Thank you,
    Linda Dwyer

    • Jason Spangler says:


      Thanks for the question. Yes, doing RH testing will help you establish what type of product to use to mitigate the concrete moisture issue. One thing you don’t discuss though is how do you know this is a concrete moisture issue because, by all accounts, i.e. intact vapor barrier original construction seems to have been done correctly. What is causing the concrete moisture issue? As far as recommending a product, that’s not something I usually do. I would follow manufacturer’s recommendations, both adhesive and finished floor product, of the products you are going to use on the slab going forward. Good luck.


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