Plastic Sheet Concrete Moisture Test – What Could Go Wrong?

This video discusses and demonstrates the plastic sheet method for measuring moisture in concrete. It is important to understand why this testing method is unreliable for determining concrete slab moisture problems.

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  1. Bear Wolan says:

    I’m looking at a house that was a DIY conversion from a barn to a barndominum. They poured the foundation, but how can I be certain they did the vapor barrier correctly?

    • Jason Spangler says:


      Thanks for the comment. I have ALWAYS had “visit a barndominium” on my bucket list. Thanks for the chuckle. Determining if they used a vapor barrier is much easier than determining if it was placed correctly. In fact, I’m not sure you could really do so effectively. To determine “if” there is a vapor retarder it would require a core sample of the slab to be taken, which can be done by an engineering firm. Good luck.



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