How the Latest Tech Speeds Up Concrete Moisture Testing

DataGrabber with Bluetooth

With the Rapid RH L6 DataGrabber with Bluetooth, you’re able to automate your process of collecting concrete moisture data.

Many traditional methods of testing concrete for moisture are messy and complicated.

And yet, you’ve been willing to do whatever it takes to avoid the repercussions of moisture-related flooring failures—fingers pointed at you, extra time diagnosing a problem, and money poured into repairs.

Isn’t there an easier way?

In situ relative humidity (RH) testing, approved by ASTM F2170, is that way. You simply place probes into the concrete at 40% depth.

With RH testing, you don’t need any other methods of concrete moisture testing. It couldn’t be simpler!

But what if the concrete floor is too wet, and you have to wait before progress can continue? And how do you keep track of all your measurements?

The latest innovations automate RH testing and answer these questions.

Let’s take a look.

Concrete moisture testing innovations

The in situ RH method has simplified concrete moisture testing and made it more accurate. And the improvements continue!

The Rapid RH® L6 system offers a cost-efficient Smart Sensor that is more responsive at higher RH levels. And it has incorporated some of the latest tech—Bluetooth®, advanced data collection and storage, and trend analysis.

Though the basic RH system is all you need to test concrete moisture, the latest technology will speed up many tasks.


Bluetooth technology in RH readers stores data and transmits it to a mobile device. In the Rapid RH L6 system, DataGrabber® with Bluetooth enables you to monitor jobsite ambient conditions and concrete relative humidity all the time.

What’s more, it’s automated! It engages the L6 Smart Sensors to collect readings at set intervals.

This Bluetooth feature connects your devices to a mobile app too. More on that next.

Mobile apps

Rapid RH L6 concrete moisture testing

Mobile apps like the DataMaster L6 app are loaded with features that make it easier than ever to keep all your moisture testing data organized and accessible.

Mobile applications that you can download to your phone make it easier than ever to keep all your data organized. With these apps, you can see a history of your readings, generate reports and graphs, share the data, and receive notifications when conditions go out of range.

The DataMaster™ L6 app by Wagner Meters captures Rapid RH readings from the Smart Sensors and saves all the data you need to meet ASTM F2170 standards. You can input job information, photos, notes, and more. It even includes a feature that allows you to print reports.

Secure data storage

Mobile applications and wireless connections help simplify data storage.

No more losing papers or notebooks! Now, you’ll be able to keep them on your phone for better data integrity.

If a client ever questions your thoroughness on the job, you’ll have evidence of your work at the tap of your finger.

Trend analysis

The latest technology offers you the tools to predict when concrete will be ready for floor installation.

That means less guesswork for you.

Rather than waiting only to find the concrete is still wet, you and your team can better time the installation.

You’ll please your customers, too, because you’ll be able to provide them with more accurate time estimates. They’ll appreciate knowing when to expect the next step of the process. And they’ll appreciate your diligence and efficiency.

With the latest tech, spend time on what’s most important

Technology has the potential to vastly improve the work of flooring professionals.

So why not stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in concrete moisture testing?

These innovations—like Bluetooth and mobile apps—are simple to use. And they’ll speed up tasks like testing for moisture and organizing data.

That means you can boost your efficiency and put more time into what’s most important—a successful floor installation.

Start taking advantage of the latest technology with the Rapid RH L6 system from Wagner Meters.

Last updated on May 8th, 2023

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