10 Steps to Make the Most of Your Moisture Meter

10 Steps to Make the Most of Your Moisture Meter

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If you own a Wagner moisture meter, you have one of the best tools on the market for monitoring wood moisture on your job site. The IntelliSense™ technology designed into your meter yields quick and accurate readings of the moisture content (MC) in your materials. Here are the top 10 ways to make the most […]

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Types of Bamboo Flooring: Challenges for the Flooring Installer

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Bamboo flooring and other bamboo products have been gaining momentum as an environmentally renewable resource for hardwood floors. And there are several reasons why it has. Bamboo is not actually a wood, but a grass. As such, bamboo’s rapid growth and its ability to regrow from harvested roots make it very appealing to those who […]

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The World-Friendly Wood Finishes

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If ever moisture content mattered in wood flooring being finished, it is now. Consumers are diversifying by using more and more exotic wood species for home flooring. As humans return to equilibrium with planet Earth, we are replacing chemicals with fundamental elements such as water. Eco-friendly wood finishes abound, and their quality has evolved to […]

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The Pros and Cons of Knots in Wood

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Dead branches drop off healthy, living trees all the time, and wood knots appear in the trunk where branches died. Knots are imperfections that cause living wood grain to grow around them. These imperfections are just part of what makes wood a beautiful material with which to work, but can also contribute to possible defects […]

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Expansion and Shrinkage in Wood

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The success of a woodworking venture partly depends on upon whether or not allowance has been made for expansion and shrinkage of the wood. Moisture being released from or absorbed by the wood is what creates the movement. It makes no sense, for instance, to use fresh-cut wood for a project because the wood will […]

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Engineered Floors Are Still Wood Floors

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In this day of environmental awareness and ecologically responsible choices, engineered wood is a prime choice for homeowners who are installing wood floors. But builders and consumers still need to remember that engineered products require the same moisture content management as any other wood product, or their good intentions may come undone. The prevalence of […]

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Considerations That Influence Exotic Hardwood Decisions

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Exotic hardwood evokes gorgeous mental images of indigenous wood species: Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Brazilian Teak (Cumaru), Tigerwood and Santos Mahogany. The range of exotic hardwoods available does present a dazzling array of choice. However, builders and consumers must deeply invest in the knowledge needed to safely protect any investment in exotic hardwood flooring installation. In order […]

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About American White Oak and Red Oak

By Ron Smith in Woodworking Knowledge Base Tree / Wood Types | 2 Comments

Oak is among the finest materials used for top quality woodworking projects. This hardwood is strong and beautiful, especially when properly finished. There are many varieties of oak, and it helps in woodworking to know the distinctions of and differences between the various types of stock. Information about both the American white oak and red […]

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Wood Production Part II: Manufacturing

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Lumber drying mills are the industry that turns trees into manufactured wood products. Throughout its transformation process, wood’s inherent moisture content (MC) fluctuates according to the relative humidity (RH) and temperature of the surrounding air. Wood Manufacturing Transformation Process: Head Rig: the primary saw cuts the tree into sawn pieces. Edging: removing irregular edges and […]

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In-Line Moisture Measurement System: Optimizing Kiln Performance with Statistical Feedback

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In producing an effective kiln-drying program for lumber, comprehensive analysis of your wood moisture content should be the number one concern. That’s obvious, you’re probably thinking, but what is less obvious is the number of key points in the manufacturing process where moisture content can and must be monitored in order to optimize kiln performance. […]

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