Relative Humidity Testing and the Rapid RH

Relative Humidity Testing and the Rapid RH

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Flooring failures cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage annually and the majority of them are related to moisture imbalances that are present somewhere in the environment of the floors. Whether the moisture is a result of a humid environment, a groundwater source or a concrete slab that was not sufficiently dry before the […]

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The Rapid RH: Then and Now for Concrete Moisture Measurement

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When Wagner Meters brought its first prototype Rapid RH®, in situ probe to the World of Concrete trade show in 2005, it is probably safe to say that very few people there recognized the significance of the shift that was about to occur in the building and flooring industry’s moisture testing practices for concrete slabs. […]

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Lightweight Concrete: Weighing in on the Differences

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Standard concrete mixes typically use crushed natural stone as the coarse aggregate in the mix (along with Portland cement, water and sand). The actual weight may vary slightly according to local stone availability, but generally natural stone is relatively dense for its size, adding to the weight of the concrete mix. (This also adds to increased transportation and equipment costs.)

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6 Outside Sources for Concrete Moisture

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Concrete, like the majority of building materials, constantly interacts with the conditions around it. Temperature, humidity, and other factors all have an impact on the internal moisture levels in concrete – even when it has been deemed “dry” or has been successfully finished with a flooring or sealant. Problems can occur when external sources of […]

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Exotic Flooring and the Moisture Challenge

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When looking for a unique or unusual floor choice, the range of options seems to be expanding at a dizzying rate. Along with increasing options for concrete–stained, painted, stamped and more–and an expanding palette of exotic hardwood flooring choices, there are also some more unique materials being used in flooring situations. Some are just unique […]

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The Cost vs. Risk of a Concrete Slab Vapor Barrier / Vapor Retarder

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When considering the costs of moisture-related problems with concrete on any job site, it is the mark of a serious professional to take preventative steps in controlling and accurately assessing moisture content as a routine part of a job site schedule. Both in the short-term and the long-term, there is an effective one-two punch in […]

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Wet Curing and Drying Time

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Concrete floors have become a staple of the building industry for their strength, durability, and the wide range of aesthetic looks possible. The initial treatment of the concrete once it is poured has much to do with its long-term strength and performance.

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