Wagner Meters Celebrates 50th Anniversary as a Global Leader in High-Performance Moisture Sensing Devices

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Company marks 50 years of service worldwide to professionals in the forest products, wood flooring, woodworking, and building inspection industries, as well as consumers, hobbyists, and other industries that use wood.

ROGUE RIVER, Ore., April 15, 2015 – Wagner Meters, a respected world leader in moisture sensing and moisture management solutions, announced today that it is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding in Terrebonne, OR.

Commemorative Giveaway

To commemorate the occasion of turning 50 and to show appreciation for its many loyal customers, Wagner Meters is holding a special giveaway of 50 Anniversary T-shirts and a Grand Prize!

Those interested in entering the giveaway, visit www.wagnermeters.com/giveaway. This site will provide greater entry submission details. Links to the giveaway also can be found on any one of Wagner’s social media pages — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

On the giveaway page, they will be asked to fill out an entry form. They will be given the option of submitting a photo and/or short story about a Wagner product they’re using now or have used in the past . . . or perhaps a photo and/or written description of some project or task they’ve worked on while using a Wagner product.

All entrants who submit an entry form will be eligible to receive a 50th Anniversary T-shirt. Fifty entrants chosen at random from the U.S. will receive a T-shirt.

Only those entrants who also provide a story and/or photo will be entered to win the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winner will choose his/her prize from one of four categories — Flooring, Woodworking, Building Inspection, or Forest Products.

The Grand Prize packages include the following:

The Flooring Installer Package: The winner will get to choose from among three prizes: a Rapid RH® 4.0 EX Complete Starter Kit, a pack of 25 sensors, or a package that includes the MMC220 moisture meter, CalBlock (calibration block for hand-held meters) and the TH-200 pen-style Thermo-Hygrometer (for relative humidity and temperature applications). As a bonus, the winner also will receive a 5-pound commemorative chocolate bar wrapped in special 50th Anniversary packaging.

The Woodworker Package: The grand prize winner will receive a package that includes the MMC220 moisture meter, CalBlock, the TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer . . . and the commemorative chocolate bar.

The Building Inspector Package: The winner will receive the Basic Building Inspector Kit that includes a BI2200 moisture meter, a TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer, an Infrared Thermometer . . . and the commemorative chocolate bar.

The Sawmill and Forest Products Professionals Package: The winner will receive a free Forest Products seminar ticket plus lodging valued at $500 or an L601-3 hand-held moisture meter. . . . and the commemorative chocolate bar. Hosted quarterly by Wagner Meters, the seminar will show participants how to use Wagner’s moisture detection equipment and how to troubleshoot.

50 Years of Innovative Products

In 1965, Delmer Wagner, founder of Wagner Electronics, set out with a vision to vastly improve the way lumber mills measured moisture. He created the first in-line moisture detectors using transistors, thus making them more reliable, less expensive, and easier to calibrate.

In the ensuing years, he developed many other innovative and industry-first products for the forest products industry, including the first non-contact moisture meter, the first meter to be calibrated in percent moisture content, and an in-kiln moisture detector which revolutionized the way kilns measure moisture.

We’ve since updated our first generation of electrical field-based in-kiln moisture measurement systems (Model 778) with the development of our MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System. This system offers a real-time view of the moisture content for each sensing zone and provides a moisture content trend graph of all of the sensors during the drying schedule. Using the MC4000 can help any operation cut losses due to drying-related degrade, minimize labor-intensive manual checking, and generally make the lumber drying process more effective.

Delmer also figured out how to use in-line meters to troubleshoot kilns – initially using microprocessors and later computers – to record pertinent data throughout the months and seasons of the year. He also developed a histogram that showed the moisture content of boards as they were distributed throughout the kiln. Operators could then see precisely where their wet/dry spots were in the kiln. All of these processes saved the kiln operators hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Omega, our latest generation of comprehensive and robust moisture measurement and data analysis software, has proven to be invaluable for improving kiln drying and overall moisture quality for primary and secondary wood products manufacturers.

In 1970, Wagner Electronics moved from Terrebonne to its present corporate headquarters in Rogue River, OR. It’s here where the company designs, tests, and assembles all its moisture measuring devices.

When Delmer retired in 1987, his son Ed took over as president and CEO. During some challenging economic times in the early ‘90s, Ed had the foresight to lead his company into a new market – wood flooring.

In researching this market, he discovered a common complaint among installers – they disliked the fact pin moisture meters put holes in the wood flooring. Heeding their concerns, he promptly introduced a series of pinless moisture meters.

Wagner’s pinless meters not only eliminated unsightly holes in wood flooring but proved in third-party testing to be more accurate and easier to use than the leading pin meters. Behind Ed’s leadership, Wagner Electronics became an industry catalyst for many installers switching to pinless meters.

The successful introduction of its pinless meters also sparked new revenue streams and helped Wagner Electronics grow its business.

Today, Wagner proudly offers its MMC series of pinless meters. Of the four meters, the MMC220 Extended Range Moisture Meter is the most popular for wood flooring and woodworking applications. The MMC220, with its IntelliSense™ technology, accurately measures wood moisture in all wood species – from rare tropical woods to the more common softwoods and hardwoods. It’s also backed by an industry-leading 7-year warranty.

In 2004, Wagner responded to another need that seriously impacted the wood flooring industry – the effect of wet concrete on wood flooring. With industry experts estimating annual flooring failures due to moisture at more than half a billion dollars, Wagner partnered with the CTLGroup, Portland Cement’s Material-Testing Laboratory Service to find a solution.

Wagner and the CTLGroup collaborated to develop the Rapid RH®, an in situ relative humidity testing system for concrete. Introduced in 2005, the Rapid RH® has proven to be faster and much more reliable than other tests for measuring concrete, including the industry’s widely-used Calcium Chloride test.

At the 2006 World of Concrete, the original Rapid RH® won the “Most Innovative Product” award. At the 2013 World of Concrete, the Rapid RH® DataMaster™ also won the “Most Innovative Product” award. A hand-held device, the DataMaster™ pairs touchscreen capabilities with Bluetooth™ technology to allow users to quickly and easily record all test data for a particular job site.

Father-Son Legacy Continues

In 2007, Eric Wagner, grandson of Wagner Electronics founder Delmer Wagner, became the third generation to work at the family-owned company. His father, Ed, welcomed Eric as marketing manager at Wagner.

“I’m really pleased to have Eric continue the father-son legacy that started with me and my dad many years ago. Eric’s experience and critical proficiency with social media and the Internet enable us to not only successfully integrate online marketing with traditional marketing but also give us a much stronger online presence.”

In 2010, after 45 years of doing business as Wagner Electronics, the company changed its name to Wagner Meters. The name was changed to more clearly address what the company is all about – moisture meters.

Today, Wagner moisture measurement products are used in many other industries throughout the world, including woodworking, furniture making, and building inspection. They’re also used in numerous specialty applications such as the construction of bowling pins, the repurposing of old wine barrels into Conga drums, the crafting of customized wood harmonica microphones, and the installation of wood in RV interiors.

As a family-owned and family-operated business, Wagner Meters has maintained its strong family values throughout its 50-year history. Wagner Meters genuinely cares about the well-being of its employees and recognizes the importance of a work/life balance. It’s one reason many employees have been with the company for 20, 25, and even 30 years.

Reasons for Wagner’s 50-Year Lifespan

Fifty years is a long time for a company to stay in business. Eric Wagner attributes the company’s longevity to several things:

It’s the dedication, creativity, and incredible work ethic of all the many excellent people who have ever worked for this company.

It’s sustaining a culture of innovation. Throughout our history, we’ve developed more innovative moisture measuring products than any other company.

It’s also manufacturing reliable, quality products built to last. Our products are known worldwide for their accuracy and superb performance as documented by independent third-party testing.

It’s being a leader in educating our customers about the characteristics of wood and concrete and how moisture affects them. Our goal is to prevent the millions of dollars wasted annually from moisture-related problems across many different industries.

And last, but certainly not least, it’s putting a huge emphasis on our valued customers. We strive to listen and understand their needs and to always give them an exceptional customer experience.

Ed Wagner adds, “To our employees and customers, current and future, it has been a wonderful 50 years. I thank you for your dedication and loyalty to Wagner Meters, and to our commitment to achieving excellence in all that we do. We’ve done amazing things together, but the best is still yet to come.”

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