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You Work Too Hard To Let Moisture Issues Ruin Your Reputation

Imagine disaster taking over when you could’ve done something to stop it. You and your customers deserve better.
  • Tired of leaving things to chance?
  • Worried a project might fail?
  • Over budget?
  • Wanting to grow your business?

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Nobody likes to redo a job. Safeguard your work and keep your peace of mind.

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Wouldn’t you rather spend less? Preventing disasters is always cheaper than fixing them.

Meet Deadlines

Stay true to your word. Get the job done right, the first time, on time.

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We Are Committed To Your Success

"Failures are costly to people like me in this trade, causing unnecessary stress and disappointment to all involved. Now, if there is a failure I will be armed with the latest and most updated information, meters, and testing tools in the industry—not to mention the resources and support from Wagner Meters."
"[Wagner’s in-line moisture system] accuracy and reliability have allowed us to easily collect data with a high level of confidence, enabling us to provide feedback to our kilns and continually improve their performance and our overall lumber quality."
"We are grateful to have Wagner Meters always available to help with specific gravity numbers that are vital for ensuring that we provide a quality product. One more happy customer."
  Jeff Frerichs
  David Balfanz
  Scott Mills

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