Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes When Testing Relative Humidity in Concrete Slabs

Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes When Testing Relative Humidity in Concrete Slabs

By Jason Spangler in The Rapid RH® Concrete Moisture Test Relative Humidity (RH) Testing Uncategorized Concrete Information & Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

It is truly insane to think you can hack your way into a beautiful flooring installation without disastrous results unless you read up on and adhere to the ASTM F2170 standard. However, it’s not very hard to follow and the technology has made it easier than before. That being said, here are some “honest” mistakes […]

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Orion® Pinless Wood Moisture Meter with Exclusive Field Calibration Capability Wins AWFS 2019 “Visionary Award”

By Wagner Meters in Wagner Meters Newsroom | 0 Comment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Ron Smith Email: rsmith@wagnermeters.com (800) 795-9913 ext. 225 Rogue River, OR (July 2019) – The new Orion® 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter from Wagner Meters was awarded the “Visionary Award” in the “Hardware” category at the 2019 AWFS® Fair in Las Vegas. Orion moisture meters feature the industry-exclusive capability to […]

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“Premier” Home Inspection Service Lives up to Its Name

By Wagner Meters in Moisture Meters Wood Division Knowledge Base Building Inspection | 0 Comment

For Bob James, owner of Premier Home Inspection Service in Salem, Oregon, the events leading up to his ownership of the company is a classic case of being in the right place at the right time. Before becoming a home inspector, James ran a construction business for several years. But seeing that the work was […]

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Advanced Woodworking Lab Partners with Industry Leaders in Radical Approach to Teaching Wood Skills & More

By Tony Morgan in Moisture Meters Wood Shop Uncategorized Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

The story of the Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab (MiLL) and how it has helped thousands of teenagers (even adults) choose a meaningful education and career is a feel-good story. It’s also a story of how one man is revolutionizing education by developing an education model that has captured the attention of corporations, educators, and even […]

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Combining Moisture Meters with Ambient Data Loggers for Installing Hardwood Floors

By Jason Spangler in Moisture Meters Installers Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

If you’re a hardwood flooring installer, tools like a wood moisture meter and ambient temperature and relative humidity data logger can greatly increase your chances of a successful job and may also assist in maintaining the beauty and integrity of the wood floor after the work has been done. This article explains these tools, why […]

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How to Use Technology to More Accurately Predict Concrete Drying Times

By Jason Spangler in The Rapid RH® Concrete Moisture Test Drying Concrete Slabs Concrete Information & Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Concrete is an incredible construction material. It is strong, durable, resilient, and when used with a bit of creativity, can even add a decorative touch to any building or other structure. It’s also a very interesting substance because its rock-solid appearance just days after the initial pour can lead one to believe mistakenly that it […]

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