Can Wood Floor Cupping Be Fixed?

Can Wood Floor Cupping Be Fixed?

By Jason Spangler in Moisture Meters Flooring Problems Wood Division Knowledge Base | 50 Comments

You’ve had a beautiful hardwood floor installed in your home. But after a while, something doesn’t look right—or feel right. Maybe the floor seems “wavy” or even rippled. You may notice small, raised ridges along the edges of some of the planks in the floor. What’s happening to your previously gorgeous flooring? And can it […]

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Excess Moisture in Concrete? Avoid Flooring Problems with Accurate Testing

By Jason Spangler in The Rapid RH® Concrete Moisture Test Relative Humidity (RH) Testing Concrete Information & Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

This article was originally published in Building Services Management (November 2018 issue). It’s a well-known fact. Excessive concrete moisture is the leading cause of flooring failures in modern buildings in the United States. All the components of a floor covering system are sensitive to excessive moisture in some way. It’s not just the finished floor […]

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Wagner Meters’ Smart Logger™ Data Logs Moisture Risks During Storage or Shipping for Sawmills

By Larry Loffer in Forest Products Industry Information for Lumber Companies & Kiln Dryers | 1 Comment

Moisture levels in wood are like a moving target. They move up and down from piece to piece or from location to location. After all, wood is a hygroscopic material that easily absorbs and releases moisture depending on environmental conditions until it reaches the final equilibrium. Sawmills and their customers have to be aware of […]

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What Is the Relationship of RH to Moisture Vapor Emissions Rate (MVER)?

By Wagner Meters in The Rapid RH® Concrete Moisture Test Calcium Chloride/MVER Test Concrete Information & Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

  Before you choose a specific concrete moisture test, be sure you’ve clearly defined what it is you’re actually trying to find out. Watch as Jason Spangler explores RH and MVER, while posing the critical question for you to consider when determining which moisture test is best suited for your next job. Free Download – […]

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Checking a Rapid RH® Sensor after Flooring Is Installed

By Wagner Meters in The Rapid RH® Concrete Moisture Test Relative Humidity (RH) Testing Concrete Information & Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

  After you have installed the finished floor product, how easy is it to come back later and recheck the concrete’s moisture condition? Watch as Jason Spangler explains exactly what you can and cannot do using the Rapid RH® Smart Sensors that were originally placed in the concrete slab. Free Download – 4 Reasons Why […]

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Why Buy a Wagner Meter?

By Ron Smith in Tools / Products Wood Division Knowledge Base | 2 Comments

Our Best – The Orion Moisture Meter If you’re shopping for a moisture meter, there’s a good chance someone told you to consider a Wagner meter. And with good reason. Wagner moisture meters are valued around the world for their exceptional accuracy and reliability. If you surveyed professional woodworkers, furniture makers, musical instrument makers, flooring […]

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