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How Moisture Can Ruin Your Decorative Concrete

By Jason Spangler in Concrete Information & Knowledge Base | 105 Comments

Excess moisture doesn’t just evaporate; it takes your design with it. You can preserve your design and the concrete with proper moisture testing before stains and sealers are applied. Beauty and strength converge in decorative concrete. Like a good acid stain, they fuse together to create a durable, pleasing floor that literally becomes the foundation […]

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Top Bamboo Flooring Moisture Questions & Answers

By Tony Morgan in Moisture Meters Wood Types Wood Division Knowledge Base | 6 Comments

1. Are moisture meters accurate when measuring the moisture content of bamboo? Bamboo can cause problems for flooring installers when trying to calibrate moisture meters because bamboo does not have a uniform density. Pin meters have been known to work well on traditional bamboo if you insert the pins parallel to the grain of the […]

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The Challenges for Wood Flooring Installers in California

By Tony Morgan in Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

We had the pleasure of speaking with Marc McCalla, owner of award-winning Craftsman Hardwood Floors, Inc. Marc is an experienced and recognized craftsman specializing in designing advanced installations with wood and stone flooring that are both durable and innovative. Marc received the prestigious “Best Member’s Residence Design Award” by the National Wood Flooring Association. In […]

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