ASTM F2170 Compliance: Guidelines for RH Preparation and Testing

ASTM F2170 Compliance: Guidelines for RH Preparation and Testing

By Jason Spangler in Concrete Information & Knowledge Base | 2 Comments

Your project’s specs likely demand it. Your pride of craft demands it. Certainly, your good business sense demands it. Complying with the ASTM F2170 standard when conducting an in situ relative humidity (RH) test in concrete is not optional. Fortunately, any Rapid RH® system you select makes ASTM F2170 compliance easy. Three key components of […]

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Does a Single-Use Sensor Make Sense for Me?

By Jason Spangler in Concrete Information & Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

This article was written in February 2015, before the debut of the Rapid RH® L6 system. The same considerations apply when choosing between the reusable 5.0 and single-use L6. There’s been a lot of buzz around our new reusable Rapid RH® 5.0 Smart Sensors, and rightly so. The 5.0 reusable has game-changing technology that reduces […]

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How to Find and Control Mold in a Home or Business

By Ron Smith in Moisture Meters Wood Division Knowledge Base | 32 Comments

You may be wondering if your home or business has a mold problem. If you already know the building has a mold problem you’ll need to know how to get rid of it and keep it from ever returning. Mold thrives in moist and warm environments which means wet or humid areas are prime locations. […]

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Oregon Woodturner Harvey Bower Gives Advice to Beginners

By Eric Wagner in Tools / Products Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Just as an artist brings a canvas alive with his bold use of colors and hues, so too does Harvey Bower bring blocks of wood alive, transforming them into decorative forms and shapes with skilled turns of a lathe. Bower is a professional woodturner living in the historic gold rush town of Jacksonville, Oregon, nestled […]

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Wood Finishes – The Basics and Tips When Applying

By Larry Loffer in Wood Division Knowledge Base | 39 Comments

It was sometime in the late 1970s when Bob Flexner opened his furniture making and restoration shop. Just like any other artisan, he felt immense satisfaction and a deep sense of pride and accomplishment in crafting and restoring furniture; naturally, he became quite good at it. When it came to wood finishing, however, that was […]

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