5 Challenges Installers May Face with Bamboo Flooring

5 Challenges Installers May Face with Bamboo Flooring

By Troy Edwards in Moisture Meters Tree / Wood Types Wood Division Knowledge Base | 21 Comments

These are the challenges installers may face. Each one will be discussed in more detail in the article. 1. Quality Issues 2. Moisture Precautions 3. Mold Problems 4. Installation 5. Health Concerns Bamboo flooring has become quite popular among home and business owners in recent years, for a number of good reasons. It holds a […]

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Equilibrium for Wood Moisture Content

By Troy Edwards in Moisture Content Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Wood as a natural building material has been in use for centuries, and over time, much has been learned about the techniques that are necessary to have wood maintain both its beauty and its durability. The most important requirement for most wood products is that “green” or fresh cut wood must be dried before it […]

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Forest to Finished – Wood Moisture at Different Stages

By Larry Loffer in Wood Moisture Wood Division Knowledge Base | 2 Comments

Because wood constantly interacts with moisture in its environment, it can lead to questions about measuring wood moisture content (MC) at different stages of the wood’s life cycle. What happens at the lumber mill? How stable is kiln-dried lumber? What about during manufacturing? What about my wood floor or furniture? Finished wood shouldn’t need moisture […]

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Woodworkers Use Technology to Work Smarter

By Tony Morgan in Tools / Products Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Every woodworker–professional and hobbyist alike–comes equipped with a box of tools enabling him or her to cut, plane, drill, shape, and sand. But thanks to advances in Internet technology, many of today’s woodworkers also pack a few more “tools” in their toolbox–smartphones, tablet computers, and laptops. With these devices, woodworkers are now working smarter, faster, […]

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EMC: Time, Temperature, Relative Humidity

By Tony Morgan in Moisture Content Wood Division Knowledge Base | 2 Comments

What Does EMC Stand for and What is EMC? Equilibrium Moisture Content, or EMC, is the point at which wood is at the same moisture level as its environment so that it no longer releases or absorbs moisture. EMC is a balancing act between the wood and its ambient conditions–raise the relative humidity (RH) and […]

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Top 15 Concrete Moisture Testing Myths

By Jason Spangler in Drying Concrete Slabs Concrete Information & Knowledge Base | 53 Comments

Common misconceptions about concrete moisture testing can cause flooring professionals to make decisions that may increase the risk of moisture-related problems with their flooring installations. We’ve assembled the top 15 myths below with answers to help you avoid moisture-related flooring failures. Before diving into the myths, let’s talk about how to test concrete for moisture. […]

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What Is Equilibrium Moisture Content

By Larry Loffer in Wood Moisture Wood Division Knowledge Base | 38 Comments

Equilibrium moisture content (EMC) is the moisture level where the wood neither gains nor loses moisture since it is at equilibrium with the relative humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment. Let’s define some key terms needed to talk about the effect of relative humidity on the moisture content of a piece of wood and […]

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Relative Humidity and Moisture Content Explained: An Environment of Change

By Larry Loffer in Moisture Content Wood Division Knowledge Base | 5 Comments

Determining the moisture content (MC) in wood, air, or concrete is not like measuring the length of a nail–it is not a truly static trait. Moisture content can change anytime in any hygroscopic material (even sealed wood floors!). The changes might be small enough to go unnoticed–your bookshelf seems pretty stable, right? Or, they might […]

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36 Year Old Wagner Meters 667 Moisture Measurement System Still Running

By Larry Loffer in Industry Information for Lumber Companies & Kiln Dryers Other Topics | 0 Comment

Vintage Wagner Meters Moisture Measurement System Still Running Strong after 36 Years! “It’s amazing but true,” says Gerry Lane, President of Allen Logging Co. in Forks, Washington. Just recently, Larry Loffer, Wagner’s Sr. Industrial Systems Technician, received a call from Gerry Lane up in the far reaches of the forests on the Olympic Peninsula in […]

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