Wagner Meters’ 7-Year Warranty

7 year warranty

Although the Wagner Meters commitment to customer satisfaction dates back to its inception (the 1960s), the dawn of 2012 brought in a new era. Wagner Meters now offers a standard seven-year warranty policy on their top-rated MMC and MMI moisture meters. Effective January 1, 2012, Wagner Meters has implemented extended warranty protection on these models to ensure that woodworkers, manufacturers, installers and inspectors can measure and monitor their wood products moisture content (MC) with renewed confidence.

Technology – Wagner Meters’ patented IntelliSense technology is part of that confidence. IntelliSense marks a steady transition of improved MC measurement as this proprietary technology goes beyond just measuring surface conditions ON the wood to deliver accurate measurements of moisture conditions IN the wood. Every Wagner moisture meter carries the promise of reliable, accurate MC measurement and IntelliSense technology is at the heart of their innovative product design.

Technology now permits Wagner Meters to customize their moisture meter products to suit various users. Designed for professional-level wood MC measurement, the MMC and MMI meters carry a wide range of features and capabilities to ensure continued success both in the shop and on the job site. The MMC 220, 210 and MMI moisture meters measure in the 5-30% MC range. Wagner Meters’ MMC 220 & the MMI 1100 have an extended wood species range to include MC measurement of the increasingly-popular exotic wood species. The MMI 1100 meter has storage capabilities. Whatever the application, professionals – from installers to quality control supervisors – utilize these hand-held Wagner meters for precise MC spot checks everywhere wood is used.

Durability – Quality craftsmanship primarily empowers Wagner Meters to extend its warranty support on their MMC and MMI wood moisture meters for seven years.

“We’ve always ensured that customers are happy with Wagner products, but we’re especially pleased to extend wood moisture meter product warranties even further,” says company president Ed Wagner. “It’s part of our continual efforts to provide the best value to our customers, which is the foundation of our company.”

Wagner Meters wood moisture meters are USA made and designed and manufactured at its headquarters, in Rogue River, Oregon. This way, quality is assured during all phases of the manufacturing process. Both professional wood trade practitioners and home hobbyists understand the importance of a reliable and accurate wood moisture meter.

In addition to the seven-year warranty protection, Wagner Meters quality control personnel also verify that all wood moisture meters are accurately calibrated before leaving the factory to assure customers that the meter is ready to be programmed to measure and monitor the MC of their wood right out of the box from the factory floor.

Wagner Meters also carries an optional calibration verification block which enables users to test the calibration of their meters on-the-spot for continued use and no loss of work time.

Longevity – When it comes to accurate MC measurement, Wagner Meters has established a new industry benchmark with extended seven-year warranty protection for its MMC and MMI moisture meter product lines. If warranties reflect confidence, Wagner Meters’ seven-year warranty represents unprecedented confidence in their wood moisture meters. From individual hobbyists to global lumber producers, MC measurement has never been so accurate, quick and reliable.