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Wagner Wood Moisture Meters

Wagner Wood Moisture Meters

At Wagner Meters, we understand the time and passion that fuel your love of woodworking. However, wood's natural warmth, strength and beauty are only part of what is necessary to create durable and quality woodworking pieces. An accurate knowledge of the interaction between wood and moisture needs to be at the very foundation of each project you undertake. Why put it at risk?

Fast, Accurate Moisture Measurement

Wood is in constant interaction with moisture, and understanding the nature of that relationship is vital to the success of your woodworking projects. Inaccurate wood moisture measurement can lead to cracking, warping, splitting, adhesive failure and a number of other problems that will negate your hard work.

Wagner Meters provides accurate, affordable, proven technology for measuring the moisture content in wood. Our hand-held wood moisture meters are designed to work smoothly, quickly and accurately to help you instantly identify potential moisture-related problem spots, or to let you confidently work ahead, knowing the wood is at its ideal moisture content level.

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Damage-Free and Feature-Rich

Each of Wagner Meters’ wood moisture meters are designed with a range of features to help you quickly and accurately test the moisture content in your wood without marring the wood’s surface. Wagner’s non-damaging technology is combined with a range of practical features, including the press-and-hold feature for tight spots. Wagner Meters understands the importance of understanding wood moisture content in your wood shop, and we’ve designed our MMC/MMI line of wood moisture meters for easy-to-use operation that works as carefully as you do.

Risk Free, Too

We understand you have choices when it comes to wood moisture meters. So don’t just take our word for it – if you purchase a Wagner wood moisture meter, you have 30 days to be sure it will work for you. If it doesn’t do all we claim, you can return it (in the same condition we sent it to you, of course) and we’ll refund the purchase price. That’s our Risk-Free Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you choose to keep it (which we expect you’ll want to), Wagner Meters is so confident in the quality of our line of non-damaging moisture meters that we offer an unprecedented 7-year warranty on each model of Wagner’s wood moisture meter. Because we are as invested in the future of your woodworking as you are.

You put your time and energy into creating something beautiful from the natural warmth and strength of wood. Make sure it will last.