• Concrete Flooring

    Concrete Moisture Meters and Rapid RH Slab Testing

    The single-use Rapid RH® 4.0 EX and the reusable Rapid RH® 5.0 give flooring and building professionals the concrete moisture data they need to meet ASTM F2170 standards. With the Rapid RH® DataMaster™ App data recording, ASTM F2170 reporting starts in the palm of your hand.

  • Wood Flooring

    Moisture Meters for Wood Flooring

    For accurate moisture measurements on your wood flooring projects, none can match the speed, ease and accuracy of Wagner Meters’ hand-held moisture meters. Our moisture meters, featuring IntelliSenseTM Technology, go beyond the surface conditions for accurate measurements of moisture conditions IN the wood.

Moisture Meters for Flooring

Any complete floor system will generally consist of several “layers” that may or may not be composed of the same building material. Concrete slabs can form the foundation for wood, tile, terrazzo, bamboo, vinyl or carpet floors. Wooden subfloors support residential and office floor systems. Adhesives of various types provide the bond between layers. In every situation, the long-term success or failure of a floor rests on accurate moisture content management, and knowing how each strata of the floor system interacts with moisture. At Wagner Meters, we provide reliable and affordable moisture measurement tools, including our innovative Rapid RH® and the complete MMC line of products, to help accurately evaluate moisture content in wood, concrete and other building materials. We also believe that knowledge is an important tool and provide articles, videos and the latest in flooring news to keep you up-to-date, and to provide the best possible solutions for your flooring moisture management strategies. Successful floors are built on a solid understanding of moisture content management. Wagner Meters gives you a confident place to stand.