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Reliability of RH Testing Using Removable Proves vs. Insitu Probes?
03-17-2010, 09:17 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-17-2010, 10:20 AM by jigar0896.)
Reliability of RH Testing Using Removable Proves vs. Insitu Probes?
Hello friends:

I am being aksed by a general contractor (infact by the product manufacturer) to use one RH measuring product over the other and I am not sure which one is more reliable. I fundamentally agree to using RH testing as a means to evaluate the concrete floors prior to installing flooring over it. However, when given a choice between using a removable RH probe (using a sleeve like IntelliRock Humidity Loggers or GE Protimeter) versus Insitu probe (like the one by Wagner), I am not sure if one is better than the other or, both provide similar results? Both product manufacuters claim that their probes are calibrated, but I believe the way these probes measure the RH is different (correct me if I am wrong).

We had a conflicting situation on a project where the removable probes gave lower RH readings (in lower 80% range) versus insitu probes (in lower 90% to upper 80% range) on a newly constructed slab-on-grade at similar temperatures. From what I understand, the Rapid RH probe measure the RH at 40% of slab depth while the other removable probes provide an average of the RH through the entire depth of the drilled hole. So I am inclined to say that since the surface is drier compared to the bottom of the hole, the average RH will be lower compared to the RH at the bottom of the hole. But the question is.....which reading should I use for making a decision on laying the flooring? Is the 75% RH requirement per F2170 valid for which test method???

Untill this project came across, I had been using the Rapid RH insitu probes, but I need enlightening from you experts on which kind of product is better and how to interpret the results?

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Reliability of RH Testing Using Removable Proves vs. Insitu Probes? - jigar0896 - 03-17-2010, 09:17 AM