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35-40 year old concrete with moisture problems
05-15-2014, 06:20 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-15-2014, 06:26 AM by Glen Blount.)
RE: 35-40 year old concrete with moisture problems
I have a 66 year old structure that we just remodeled, it was originally a roller skating rink in south Florida. We are consistently getting readings between 96 and 99% with the moisture meters. I need to re-install a vinyl plank flooring over the slab and we are concerned due to the high moisture readings. There is no evidence of moisture under the existing flooring that we are going to remove. However we are getting a strange black material that looks like scuff marks but seems to be a sticky goo and it tracks on the existing loose lay plank flooring. We have found no mold in the building and there is no smell. My concern is what is the best product to mitigate the high moisture readings before we replace the floor. I suspect after research that we have a very old porous concrete slab with a deteriorated vapor barrier? Would appreciate any observations, experiences or recommendations. Thanks

I need to add that we removed a wood floor that was installed over sleepers and due to elevation changes we floated the 2" with new concrete. The moisture readings have been taken in the existing slab not in the slurry we applied over the existing slab and the floated areas had 6 months to cure before the loose lay vinyl plank flooring was installed. We are replacing the loose lay with a direct glue down. When we remove the existing loose lay vinyl we find no indication of moisture under the vinyl!
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05-15-2014, 12:02 PM,
RE: 35-40 year old concrete with moisture problems
"96 and 99% with the moisture meters"
- are you doing RH tests or are you using an electric style meter?

"floated the 2" with new concrete"
- concrete or a SLU? if concrete: Koser VAP1-2000, Ardex MC, or equal. if SLU: I haven't a clue
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05-19-2014, 08:52 AM,
RE: 35-40 year old concrete with moisture problems
Yes the RH tests were done with an electric reader. We only floated areas that had the hardwood floors over a concrete slab to bring the elevation up to meet the existing ceramic tile floor. We used standard 2500 concrete mix with pea rock aggregate. We tested all areas where we just removed existing hardwood flooring areas that were
not floated and areas that were. The reading came back between 96 & 99%. We want to install a new vinyl plank glue down floor and are very concerned about the high moisture content. The facility is occupied so we need to use a product that will be the least disruptive and can be walked on soon after application. Looking for guidance.
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05-19-2014, 10:55 AM,
RE: 35-40 year old concrete with moisture problems
Koester VAP 1 2000 FS & Ardex MS Rapid both cure in hours before you can go over with Feather Finish or equal.

If you have the budget, you could get back in there with the crew doing a long overnight pull. Not uncommon for Hospitals and other time sensitive facilities.

Call your local reps via the respective product websites.
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