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Ardex promotes the Wagner Rapid RH probe!
12-27-2011, 08:58 PM,
RE: Ardex promotes the Wagner Rapid RH probe!
Having worked for Ardex in various positions for a total of 10 years; gone through extensive training, and more, I am now providing RH testing services (ICRI Certified) and enjoying every day doing it. Yes, Ardex and Koster are in it for the money. Aren't we all? But we collectively care about doing things right - every time. Both companies stand behind their products when they're installed properly. I can tell you that of the all Ardex failures I was called upon to look at (and still see), virtually 99% of the time they were due to installer error. Rushing, or not taking the time to read and follow directions was typically the case. As far as Wagner, I'm not into promoting the system (that's their job). My job is to provide professional, thorough, accurate, impartial testing services. My obligation is to use what works - and Wagner RH flat out works. And I trust them to work every time.
JK Nixon
Concrete Restoration Services, LLC
Pittsburgh, PA
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RE: Ardex promotes the Wagner Rapid RH probe! - CCR - 12-27-2011, 08:58 PM