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MMS- Are some unreliable with high RH?
11-10-2011, 03:40 PM,
RE: MMS- Are some unreliable with high RH?
Quote:Then in your last statement you state the slab is stable if the rh reading is in the 70% range. So which is it?

I think he actually said "A slab that reads 70% RH", not a range. Blush excuse my pedantry...

I've never heard of Bostik Best. We use Ultraset or the low-foaming rigid (AV525 I think it's called).

Quote:If the slab is on grade and has no vapor retarder and the facility wants to install a moisture sensitive floor there is no reason to test the slab.

Funny story- friends just "renovated" their house, i.e. built a new house around the old one. It was all ultra-modern and swanky, the old house forming the downstairs level, which the couple hardly use. A year after the reno, we christened the downstairs ensuite by billeting some travellers for a weekend. A year after that, the new timber floors in the downstairs hallway cupped and lifted badly.

Turned out that the downstairs ensuite's plumbing had not been completed (the plumber died halfway through the reno- that's not the funny bit, obviously...) and the bathroom seeped everything into the soil under the slab.

Heck of a way to find out that the old house didn't have a retarder under the slab. They would be the perfect guinea-pig for some moisture testing practice, but I advised them that the slab may never fully dry.

Quote:I don't know the permeability of the wood flooring you use.

For interest's sake the timber in the above case was spotted gum, which has a high jenka rating, so I presume it is one of the "less permeable" timbers, yet it went crazy with the moisture. You guys have a lot of oaks, yes? Not quite as hard, I believe.

But then hardness and permeability might be a whole different thing for another thread....but ALL timber flooring is moisture-hyper-sensitive... Tongue

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