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Bought a new ATV. It has power steering! LOL
09-29-2011, 08:34 AM,
Bought a new ATV. It has power steering! LOL
Power steering on an ATV... It's pretty cool. I let my kids take it around the casa here a few times and they love it too.

I don't think I'll get my girls new ATV's ever. They can ride the ones they have until they leave for college, and after that if they want to ride an ATV they can either use these or get their own... They ride Honda 250's which by today's standards are small, but back in the 80's a 250 was a BIG machine!

Kind of like snowmobiles. Back in the day a 340 was a monster, 440's were race machines. Now I don't even think they make anything as small as a 440 do they? Huh
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