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Dew Point Video and Orange Shirts
04-26-2012, 06:22 AM,
RE: Dew Point Video and Orange Shirts
Oh let me get on the pick-on-Jason train!!! Big Grin

You need a better finish.... "This is Jason Spangler, signing off." is not going to get you to Hollywood. Tongue

Let's come up with a cool sign off for Jason's videos!

1. This is Jason Spangler with Wagner Meters, gooood DAY! (Use your best Paul Harvey voice)

2. For Wagner Meters, I am Jason Spangler, thank you for your time.

3. I'm Jason Spangler, if you have any questions about this video please call my cell phone at (***) ###-####.

4. Rubber Duck, this is the Cotton Mouth, catch you on the flip side good buddy, we gone, bye bye.
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems
[email protected]
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