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**EXPERT Advice Needed** - VERY Moist Slab With LOTS of Vapor! What to do?
11-29-2011, 01:18 PM,
RE: **EXPERT Advice Needed** - VERY Moist Slab With LOTS of Vapor! What to do?
I note no further input since last post. Unrelated to flooring but in reality it is, I have been assisting new clients with concrete domed roofs and precast walls below grade plus a new lightweight aggregate producer. What was in common with all these and flooring? How to stop water/moisture pass through the concrete right from the placement phase and if wanted to membrane application. Plus how to do this for consisently failing existing projects.

Domed roofs: Problem, shrinkage and permeability control. Solution: to know how to proportion and employ hydration enhancing (slicate) admixtures. After their first pour (gunnite application) dome was water tight and shrinkage controlled and placement time reduced.

Existing cracked dome: Problem, seepage through micro cracking (shrinkage). Solution: Rehydrate concrete matrix throughout by inducement of free water then application of silicate based (deep penitrant) solution, results cracking rehealed due to vigorous hydrate growth through 2" cover. After flooding no leakage and dome was bond ready (if wanted) for membrane.

Precast subgrade walls: Problem, dampness + dusting. Solution as above. Rehydration stimulation of CSH matrix production and in doing so consumed Ca(HO)2 to control and reduce dissolution of this hydrate and transportation through matrix. Dried below grade space.

Lightweight concrete (not shale): Problem, lack of strength and need to reduce VT. Solution introduction of cement enhancing admixture. Result, 30% increase in strength (applicable also to OPC standard concrete) with dramatic VT control and breathable membrane application achieved next day without delamination as mix water chemically locked. No delamination after coating after 3 months.

Only posted this to allow those who confuse meta silcate solutions to correctly blended and administered silicate technology that will produce no detrimental longterm charitaristics for concrete, verticle or horizontally placed or the [/size][/font]recurrence of moisture transference.

Best regards to all.
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RE: **EXPERT Advice Needed** - VERY Moist Slab With LOTS of Vapor! What to do? - john macdonald - 11-29-2011, 01:18 PM