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pH Balance for the Same Price as Relative Humidity

So in the wagner email that featured the article: "pH Balance for the Same Price as Relative Humidity"

Here is a link.

Why is there a basketball and b-ball court featured?

Was this part of the MFMA talk Jason gave? I'm wondering because I do gym floors.

why yes, it is part of Jason's slide show. good eye for catching that.


Mr. Adams:

You are a VERY detail oriented and observant person; your observations are exactly correct, that was my final slide in the MFMA presentation. If you are that detail oriented with gym floor installations, you will be installing mine when I buy the KINGS!!Big Grin


Take the Warriors.... please .... really .... take them.

I keep trying to test the precipitation here but it won't rain when I am in town. How do you do that test, hold out some litmus paper or capture it in a glass tube?
Stephen Perrera dba
Top Floor Installation Co.

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